Displaying the Reporting Workload Overview


In the BW workload monitor, you can display the workload in different analysis views which highlight the workload from a particular perspective. One of these aspects is the question of how the reporting workload is distributed across the different front ends in use and the use of the OLAP cache.

You can use the workload overview to answer the following questions, among others:

·        How many queries with how many navigation steps were started in the relevant period?

·        From which front end are most queries started and where is the reporting load highest?

·        What share of the total workload do the queries from the OLAP cache represent?

The analysis view Reporting Workload Overview  is only available by importing the SAP Note 840763 or the relevant Support Package.



       1.      Start the Workload Monitor by calling transaction ST03.

       2.      Choose the Expert or Service Engineer user mode.

       3.      Choose the period to be analyzed in the BW Workload tree.

       4.      Under Analysis Views, choose the profile Reporting, and then the Workload Overview option.

       5.      You can use the Frontend or OLAP Cache tab pages to select the desired analysis view.

       6.      The system displays the usual output area, in which the requested workload is displayed in an ALV Grid Control.


The output area contains two tab pages with the following characteristics:

Tab Page



Distribution of the reporting workload to the front ends in use; differentiation of the cache usage for each front end using the OLAP Cache button.

OLAP Cache

Overview of the use of the OLAP cache or reading of the data from the database during the query execution and/or navigation

  Workload Monitor start page, Analysis Views of the BW Workload Monitor