Hitlists: Displaying the Worst Processing Times


In the BW workload monitor, you can display the workload in different analysis views which highlight the workload from a particular perspective. One of these aspects is the question of which navigation steps of queries have the longest response time. These are the hitlists. You can choose the queries with the highest database, OLAP, front end, and total runtime on different tab pages.

The hitlists therefore allow you to identify the queries that use most resources.

Using the hitlists, you can answer the following questions, among others:

·        Is it always the same query that has high response times?

·        Should more appropriate queries be defined to meet the reporting request?

·        Which queries cause most database load?

·        Which queries use most resources during processing in OLAP?

By default, the TOP 10 queries are displayed in the hitlists. However, you can use the No. of Entries button to change the number of entries either to the TOP 40 or to a custom value.



       1.      Start the Workload Monitor by calling transaction ST03.

       2.      Choose the Expert or Service Engineer user mode.

       3.      Choose the period to be analyzed in the BW Workload tree.

       4.      Under Analysis Views, choose the profile Reporting, and then the Hitlists option.

       5.      Choose the desired hitlist.

       6.      The system displays the usual output area, in which the requested workload is displayed in an ALV Grid Control.

  Workload Monitor start page, Analysis Views of the BW Workload Monitor