Analysis Views of the BW Workload Monitor


An analysis view is a particular aspect of the workload. Depending on which aspects of the workload you are interested in, you can display different portions of the workload, organized by different aggregation levels and sort criteria.


To activate a particular analysis view, double-click the desired view in the Analysis Views subwindow.


The following analysis views are available:

Analysis View



Workload distribution in reporting; in this analysis view, the following detail views are available: Workload Overview, Query Runtimes, Hitlists, and User Profile

    Workload Overview

Overview of the workload distribution by queries; there is differentiation here between Frontend and Frontend and OLAP Cache Usage

    Query Runtimes

More detailed view of workload distribution by queries. In this view, you can choose a view of all InfoCubes or of the individual queries. You can also restrict the use of the OLAP cache.

You can control the relevant query statistics for each front end separately with the same aggregation and navigation options.


Displays the queries in the relevant period with the highest database, OLAP, front end and total runtimes

    User Profile

Reporting workload, broken down by user type and user category


Overview for each InfoCube or Aggregate; details for Rebuild, Rollup and Delta (change run) are also available

 Load Data

Workload due to loading data in the aggregation views InfoSource, Target Object, and Request

 Process Chains

Workload overview by BW process chains; details are available for each Process Chain or Request

Unlike the standard workload monitor, the data is up-to-date and selected at runtime from BW-specific tables. If you require longer analysis periods or analysis periods that have already passed, select these variably (see Displaying the Last Minutes’ Load).

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