Displaying Process Chain Statistics


In the BW workload monitor, you can display the workload in different analysis views which highlight the overall workload from a particular perspective. One of these aspects is the question of which system resources are used due to process chains. With this information, you can answer questions such as:

·        How many process chains have been executed with how many subchains and process steps?

·        Which process chains ran for the longest time in the selected period and what was their average runtime?

·        What was the runtime of the individual chains and which process step took the longest?

The process chains statistics are therefore particularly useful for BW administrators, who use process chains to control their load processes, administer data targets, and use the Reporting Agent function, and at the same time want to check and optimize their performance.

The analysis view Process Chain Statistics is only available by importing the SAP Note 840763 or the relevant Support Package.



       1.      Start the Workload Monitor by calling transaction ST03.

       2.      Choose the Expert or Service Engineer user mode.

       3.      Choose the period to be analyzed in the BW Workload tree.

       4.      Under Analysis Views, choose the option Process Chains.

       5.      The system displays the usual output area, in which the requested workload is displayed in an ALV Grid Control.

       6.      To display more details, choose a line in the table by double-clicking it.


The output area contains two aggregation levels with the following characteristics:

Aggregation Level


Display After a Double-Click

Process Chain

Display of the most important workload data, aggregated at process chain level

Display of the individual executions of the process chain selected in each case


Display of the statistics for each process chain execution

Runtime of the individual process steps including association to corresponding subchains and status information

If you double-click the TOTAL row, you should usually expect higher runtimes. In particular, you should select the display of all individual process steps with care, since from a technical point of view, all individual chains must be separately read.

A process chains appears in the BW workload monitor if it was started during the selected period. It is displayed regardless of whether it was also completed during the selected period or only afterward. This can mean that a chain that is currently running is displayed in the process chain statistics with the runtime required so far.

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