Reacting to Index Reorganization Warnings


When you reorganize an index in the Informix database with SAPDBA, you might see one of the warnings listed in this section.


You are performing one of the following and SAPDBA issues a warning message:


React to the following index reorganization warnings issued by SAPDBA:

  • Table statistics out of date.

Statistics for table ‘bkpf’ are out of date! For this reason
no reliable space check for the reorganization of index
‘bkpf__0’ can be performed. It is recommended to run update
statistics for this table first.

Do you want to run update statistics now?

Without running update statistics, SAPDBA cannot reliably predict whether there is enough space in the dbspace for the reorganization to take place. If you choose no, you get a warning prompt but you can still reorganize if you are sure there is enough space:

No reliable space check could be carried out! Therefore the
reorganization of index bkpf__0 may fail because of not
enough space in the corresponding dbspace!

Continue reorganizing index anyway?

  • Not enough space for reorganization.


Not enough space in dbspace for index
reorganization. You have to add a chunk to the
dbspace first! To choose a higher fill factor may
help too.

There is not enough space in the dbspace for the reorganization, so SAPDBA does not allow you to continue. Refer to Extending a Dbspace with SAPDBA.

  • Possibly not enough space for reorganization.

Index reorganization may fail because of not
enough space in the corresponding dbspace!
It is recommended to increase the dbspace first!

Continue reorganizing index anyway?

SAPDBA has detected that there is very little spare space in the dbspace. You can still do the reorganization if you want to but you might get errors later.

For more information if you want to extend the dbspace, see Extending a Dbspace with SAPDBA.

  • Cannot check the space.

Cannot check space in dbspace to ensure success of reorganization.

Continue with reorganization anyway?

If SAPDBA cannot check whether the reorganization is likely to succeed or not, because the system tables it requires are locked or unavailable for some other reason, you see this message. You can continue or not, as you want.