Updating Statistics on Tables for SAPDBA Table Reports


SAPDBA gives you the chance to update statistics on tables in the Informix database if necessary when you view SAPDBA table reports.


A message like the following is sometimes displayed when you choose the table information report in SAPDBA:

Statistics for table ‘d010q’ are out of date!
Parts of the displayed data will be out of date too. Update
statistics for this table will refresh them.

Run update statistics for this table now?

This message means that the table has been updated substantially since the last time statistics were gathered for it. Therefore, SAPDBA cannot accurately determine the fill level for the table, because the portion of space used by the expanded (or contracted) index is not known. You have to decide whether or not to update statistics:

  • If you choose to update statistics, you see a message like the following (for a small table this disappears quickly):

Running update statistics for table ‘d010q’...

Then the fill level displayed on the report screen is up-to-date.

  • If you choose not to update statistics, the fill level displayed is out of date and therefore unreliable.

If a table has a new index or if the entire indexed table is new (that is, without any previous statistics), the message is slightly different:

Table 'd010q’ has one or more indexes that were created after
the last run of 'Update Statistics'. To display the whole
data and for performance reasons it is strongly recommended
to run 'Update Statistics' for this table!!

Run update statistics for this table now?


Choose whether you want to update the statistics or not.

If you do not update statistics, hyphens are displayed in the fill level field.


The statistics on the table are up-to-date, so improving database performance.

Make sure that key R/3 tables have up-to-date statistics because this improves the performance of the SQL optimizer, so reducing data access time. Refer to Update Statistics with SAPDBA.