Subdivision of Number Range Objects

In order to retain comprehensibility and avoid ambiguity among the large number of commercial objects in the system, number range objects can be subdivided, and have their own number ranges per subdivision.

There are the following types of subdivision:

  • Sub-object

The sub-object is the field in the database record, according to whose value the commercial objects are divided. Example: Company code as sub-object of document.

The various sub-objects of a commercial object can use the same number ranges, but the intervals within one commercial object or sub-object do not overlap.

  • Elements and groups

When numbers are assigned for datebase records of a commercial object there is a criterion which determines from which of the number ranges which have been created for this commercial object or sub-object, the number should be assigned. This criterion is a database record field called element for the commercial object in question.

Element values with the same number range characteristics, i.e. with the same number range numbers, are called a group. The number range assignment is performed via the number range number in the object-specific group table.

Groups can be either dependent on or independent of the sub-object.

When creating a material master the number range is determined by the specified material type. The assignment between a material type and its number range is made in the material type table. In this case, the material type is the element. The following table shows, as an example, the material data which are grouped via the material type.

Material- Num.range Num.range Group

type internal external

finished 01 02 1

in progress 01 02 1

raw 01 03 2

The material types Finished and In progress form one group, and the material type Raw another.

  • Until financial year

This year value determines time periods for number range intervals in number ranges. The intervals of a number range which are distinguished by until financial year can overlap, as in this case the financial year or until financial year are also included in the application table key.

These distinction give rise to various types of number range objects.